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I ate so much today I feel guilty.. but then again.. food is everything

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Eid Namaz

Eid Mubarak to Everyone .. time to eat yo

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Pakistanis be like.. 1 plate biryani, 1 plate Seekh Kebab, Chicken Karahi, 3 Rogni Naan.. Ummm Haan Aur Palak Paneer ..

And 1 diet Pepsi.. normal one has too many calories … Diet pe hoon

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At Paul Cafe, my fav
Aaaah Baklava and different Arabian Sweets

Anonymous said: Are you fluent in English and Arabic?

Nai nai.. main pendu hoon kissi aur dunya ka.. na Angrezi na Arbi, kuch bhi nahii 😭

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