Our founder was so cool, he was taking selfies before they were mainstream

Anonymous said: you are not the drop in the ocean you are the entire ocean in a drop

I am Groot

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Sunset / Rio de Janeiro |  by: { Richard Brundage }

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Anonymous said: it's a beautiful day but not as beautiful as me don't you agreeeeeeeee ;)

It’s like 40 Degrees C outside , if that’s beautiful than yea sure.. k

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Anonymous said: you wana see me comb my hair really fast?


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Anonymous said: So what do you think about Arab culture? Is it so far from Pakistanis?

Yes.. Very much .. Every culture is beautiful and unique .. but like Pakistani food is the best though .. compared to other cultures (I always talk bout food)

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Anonymous said: Assalamu alaikum, are u from Pakistan? but u live in Qatar ? do you study or work? aw sorry for my this so private questions :)

Wsalam.. yup Qatar and yea I work .. i think

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Anonymous said: I think we make a great team

I know right? if you’d make me chai right now.. And like choc chip
Cookies with it.. we’d be the best team ever

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