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Anonymous said: Just because it hasn't doesn't mean it can't. Look at India, they have more diversity of languages and cultures than Pakistan, democracy works there. We just have a very young country that needs to go through these struggles.

Agreed.. But India unlike us are a secular country and they don’t have to deal with the identity crisis that Pakistan face. Islamic Republic of Pakistan? Really? The problem with our so called version of Democracy is that if let’s say proper elections take place democratically, and let’s say PTI does come in power. The mentality is that Imran Khan is pathan, he would only help build KPK (peshawar). Nawaz Sharif atm only cares about Punjab and his family and cousins, If Mqm comes in power theyd only give a shit about Karachi and basically ignore rest of Pakistan. Also no one gives a shit about Balochistan (clearly no politician does). That’s why I feel Army is only thing that can work because they are neautral in this sense, hope they are.. They fight for the country and not their own pockets

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I miss Musharraf. He was a way better leader than these goons. Pakistan was better during his time as President and it shows that democracy cannot really work in this country, Army rule can though.. Sad but true

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Sad to see the events in Pakistan at the moment.. Peaceful protestors being shot at by the Police.. this government is a failure, this is not democracy. Nawaz Shareef insaan nai hai, beghairat .. still hasn’t resigned .. 😡

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The first time I heard the voice of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan was in Harlem, 1990. My roommate and I stood there, blasting it in his room. We were all awash in the thick undulating tide of dark punjabi tabla rhythyms, spiked with synchronized handclaps booming from above and below in hard, perfect time.

I heard the clarion call of harmoniums dancing the antique melody around like giant, singing wooden spiders. Then all of a sudden, the rising of one, then ten voices hovering over the tonic like a flock of geese ascending into formation across the sky.

Then came the voice of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Part Buddha, part demon, part mad angel…his voice is velvet fire, simply incomparable. Nusrat’s blending of classical improvisations to the art of Qawwali, combined with his out and out daredevil style and his sensitivity, outs him in a category all his own, above all others in his field.

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Every success was a combination of two things, your effort and Allah’s help. Ust. Nouman Ali Khan (via deakhumaira)

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